Self Love Spell Jar


Carefully crafted under the New Moon to foster in a growing sense of self love and appreciation, our Self Love Spells Jars are enchanted with intention to help you connect and love the magical being that is you!

The beautiful layering of botanicals, elements and crystals all correspond with the central intention to help call forth the desired outcomes of the Spell Jar. We have then sealed the Spell Jar with Pink wax to hold the energy within the jar and echo the intention of Self Love by incorporating a little bit of Colour Magic

Self Love Spell Jar

Rose Quartz
Gentle and loving stone that promotes healthy self esteem and positive self-worth

Enhances feelings of love, when directed inward evokes feelings of self-love and appreciation

Conjures love, peace, harmony, happiness, confidence and truth

Induces calmness and elevates restlessness

Promotes love, protection and healing

Pink Salt
Provides protection and purification as the base of the Spell

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