Protection Spell Jar


Carefully crafted under the Waning Moon our Protection Spells Jars are enchanted with the powerful intention of Protection to help you dispel negativity, ward against ill intent and banish unwanted energies.

The beautiful layering of botanicals, elements and crystals all correspond with the central intention to help call forth the desired outcomes of the Spell Jar. We have then sealed the Spell Jar with Black wax to hold the energy within the jar and echo the intention of Protection by incorporating a little bit of Colour Magic

Protection Spell Jar

Black Tourmaline
Provides grounding and balancing of energy. Banishes negative energy and protects from ill intentions

Banishes evil, clears head of negative thoughts and promotes protection

Bay Leaf
Wards off evil and increases psychic ability

Blue Sage
Provides mental clarity, wards against nightmares and negative thoughts. Cleanses surroundings

Black Salt
Provides protection and purification as the base of the Spell

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