Healing Spell Jar Kit


The Nieta Designs Healing Spell Jar Kit provides you with all the ingredients and elements you need to craft your own Healing Spell Jar.

Based on the Spellwork we designed for our signature Spell Jars, we have provided you with a detailed instruction card that lists all the ingredients and their magical correspondence. As well as a brief introduction on Spell Jars- how to craft them and how to use them in your practice.

Even though we have given you our method and 2 jars, you’ll find the kit contains more then enough supplies to craft and create your own spell work.

Healing Spell Jar Kit contains:
– 2 empty jars
– 2 mini taper candles
– Black Salt
– 3 botanicals (herbs, spices, flowers) with magical correspondences listed
– Amethyst
– Information cards

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