Healing Spell Jar


Grounding and healing your spirit is such an important practice in witchcraft. Being grounded allows natures energy to flow within you and can aid to heal spiritual and emotional trauma held in the body. Carefully crafted under the Waning Moon our Healing Spells Jars are enchanted with the powerful intention to evoke good health, foster a healthy and positive outlook and ground the spirit.

The beautiful layering of botanicals, elements and crystals all correspond with the central intention to help call forth the desired outcomes of the Spell Jar. We have then sealed the Spell Jar with Purple wax to hold the energy within the jar and echo the intention of Protection by incorporating a little bit of Colour Magic

Healing Spell Jar

Improves immune function and promotes positive energy

Star anise
Enhances sacred energy, promotes healing and healthy body function

Improves circulation, eliminates toxic energy and promotes good health

Goats Rue
Hex breaking, banishes negative energy, and promotes good health

Black Salt
Provides protection and purification as the base of the Spell

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