Nieta Designs Clothing

Did you know that what you wear can be a form of witchcraft as well as personal and magical expression? Want to wear your star sign loud and proud?

We have created a beautiful range of comfy, relaxed fitting, witchcraft and Zodiac inspired clothing. Whether you want to harness the magical intentions of the designs, use your clothing as a means of veiling, protection or even glamour magic, we have something to bring a little magic to your wardrobe with Nieta Designs clothing.

Browse through our zodiac range to find a selection of T-shirts and jumpers emblazoned with all the different zodiac symbols. With a minimalist design and a comfortable fit, you can wear these jumpers and tees just about anywhere!

Looking for something a little bit different? Shop our Mystic range of Crop Top, T-shirts and Hoodies. Featuring a selection of unique, enchanting designs  — like the magic moth and enchanted snake  — they’re really something special.

Available in a variety of colours, see them all below.

Mystic Range

Zodiac Range