Candle Colours

Spell candles
What colour are you draw to? Did you know every candle colour has a different meaning and can be used to support your intentions 💫

💙 Blue: Peace and protection

🤍 White: Protection

💜 Purple: Spirituality, psychic intuition

🌸 Pink: Love, Self-love, caring and nurturing

💗 Red: Passionate love, lust and sex

💛 Yellow: Joy and happiness

🧡 Orange: Creativity

💚 Green: Earth, growth, abundance and prosperity

🖤 Black: Protection and warding

You can use candles on their own or as part of a ritual. Check out our tiktok or IG Story Highlights to see some examples of our candle magic 🕯 This is just a little snapshot and only a guide. We love to help others on their spiritual journey, always continue to seek answers and knowledge before and throughout practise 💫

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