Aquarian Full Moon in Leo Season

Tonight, we see the second consecutive Aquarian Full Moon in the Leo Season. The first Aquarian Full Moon was on July 23rd and provided a jump start to focus intentions on manifesting your dreams into reality. We then experienced a New Moon in Leo on the peak of the Lion’s Gate, check out our previous post for more info on the Lion’s Gate, another key event focused on setting your plans in motion to achieve your goals. This second Aquarian Full Moon is full of positivity, revealing to us the outcomes and future opportunities that the last month has been building toward.

For us this could not ring truer. Nieta Designs has been a dream for over a year and late July we finally decided to put her out into the big wide world. It has been amazing to hear everyone’s feedback and we are so excited to share our first range of products, artworks and clothing with you all. Our website is now live, you can find the link in our bio. We are slowly adding products to the shop. I’m being realistic and kind to myself, juggling kids, working from home and everything else in lockdown, I have given myself 1 September as the deadline to have everything loaded. Check it out now if your keen💫

We spent the day screen printing and making candles. Enjoying art, beauty and family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧🥰❤💫

Tonight we will lay our crystals out to cleanse in the light of this glorious moon that guides us into the future


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