8th August 2021, Manifest your dreams

Lion's Gate Portal
🌙Today is a very powerful and important day. The 8th of August marks the peak of the Lion’s Gate Portal. The Lion’s Gate Portal is a celestial event that happens every year between Late-July to Mid-August with the peak activation date occurring on the 8/8. During this time the Sun aligns with Leo and Sirius, one of the brightest stars in the night sky, moves closer to Earth, aligning with Orion’s belt and the Pyramids of Giza. In numerology the number 88 exudes powerful vibrations. 88 represents good fortune, abundance, creativity, success, and manifestation of dreams. Today is also the first night of the New Moon in the Leo constellation. New Moon’s are the ideal point in the Lunar Cycle to set your intentions, manifest your desires and ‘plant the seeds’ of your dreams. As the Lunar energy builds toward the Full Moon your intentions will grow and develop manifesting toward your desired outcomes. Each of these occurrences on their own provide an ideal time to focus on your dreams and intentions, yet as they all fall on the same date this year many believe tomorrow to be of particular significance. Here are some suggestions of how you can use this special date to your best advantage: 💫 Write down your goals, desires, dreams 💫 Say your affirmations out loud 💫 Journal your thoughts and feelings 💫 Meditate 💫 Practice a manifestation spell How do you plan to mark the 8/8?

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