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Aquarian Full Moon in Leo Season


Tonight, we see the second consecutive Aquarian Full Moon in the Leo Season. The first Aquarian Full Moon was on July 23rd and provided a jump start to focus intentions on manifesting your dreams into reality. We then experienced a New Moon in Leo on the peak of the Lion’s Gate, check out our previous […]

Candle Colours

Spell candles

What colour are you draw to? Did you know every candle colour has a different meaning and can be used to support your intentions 💫 💙 Blue: Peace and protection 🤍 White: Protection 💜 Purple: Spirituality, psychic intuition 🌸 Pink: Love, Self-love, caring and nurturing 💗 Red: Passionate love, lust and sex 💛 Yellow: Joy […]

Friday the 13th

Floral snake

Friday the 13th unlucky for some. The origins of the superstition behind ‘Friday the 13th’ are widely debated and many theories have actually been debunked. Separately the number 13 and Fridays (mostly from Christian connotations with Jesus being crucified on a Friday) are said to be unlucky but it wasn’t until the 19th century that […]

8th August 2021, Manifest your dreams

Lion's Gate Portal

🌙Today is a very powerful and important day. The 8th of August marks the peak of the Lion’s Gate Portal. The Lion’s Gate Portal is a celestial event that happens every year between Late-July to Mid-August with the peak activation date occurring on the 8/8. During this time the Sun aligns with Leo and Sirius, […]

Welcome to Nieta Designs

Nieta Designs Witchcraft & Spiritual store

We are so excited to finally announce the launch of 💫 Nieta Designs 💫 We are 3 sisters, Berni, Bridie and Charli from Northern NSW with a passion for art, life, nature and Magic. We have been exploring and perfecting our designs for some time now and we are thrilled to be able to finally […]